Christian Books for Kids
Spiritual Development Tools

Christian books for kids can be used in creative ways to impart important Bible and life truths.  There's just something about a story; even Jesus used the parable stories to teach and remind.

Let's face it: reading is essential for all other academic areas, but also it is an incredible ability God has given to us.  Children's books can be tools to teach powerful life lessons and Christian values that can help shape our kids' spiritual development.

You don't have to be a Bible scholar to impact a child's spiritual life.  We can love and live for Jesus setting an example of following Him.  Along with that, reading Christian books for kids can equip us to connect God's Word with God's world in our everyday lives and the lives of our kids too!

Best Christian Books for Kids

Christian Books for Kids
Board Books for Little Ones

Don't Forget to Remember 

Christian Board Book

This beautifully illustrated board book includes a flowing rhyming text.  Ellie Holcomb is a singer and composer and now has brought her talents to children through her books! 

You don't want to miss this sweet reminder that God says He loves us all through nature around us!

Listen to Ellie read it:

Ellie also has two other titles in her Christian books for kids which are also in board book format - Who Sang the First Song? and a one especially ofr Christmas called Sounding Joy

The Biggest Story ABC

ABC Bible book

With very short phrases on each page, this little board book will take you through the Bible and ABCs from beginning to end.  The illustrations are bright and colorful drawing children's attention and wonder.

"A - In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve.

B - Everything was Beautiful in God's good world.

C - Then Adam and Eve sinned, and everything was put under a Curse.

D - But God promised to send a Deliverer to save His people.


Z - One day we will live forever in Zion, the new world God is preparing for those who love Him."

Little Blessings Books

Christian preschool books

These adorable Christian books for kids may seem familiar to you because of the illustrations.  This is because Elena Kucharik is also the illustrator of the Care Bears from the 1980s.  

The sweet rhyming text will help both toddlers and preschoolers learn about God's great love for them.  We have given a copy of God Loves You to each of our grandkids, and they have loved hearing read over and over. 

Here's an affiliate link with if you'd like to purchase a copy; we do receive a small portion that helps support our site.

Little Blessings: God Loves You

Christian Books for Kids
Our Favorite Picture Books

Story of Three Trees

The Tale of Three Trees

This is one of my all-time favorites!  This book is short enough for younger children and the message is powerful for all ages even for teens & adults.

This Christian book for kids touches on the life of Jesus and points to how hope in Christ changes everything!  This book also addresses when our dreams and plans are not going how we thought they would.

How to Use The Tale of Three Trees

You Are Special book

You Are Special

One of Max Lucado's Christian books for kids teaches a powerful lesson on identity.  Others' opinions of us can hurt or make us feel good, but it's God who matters.  God thinks we're each special because it is He Who has made us.

Here's a free Bible lesson to go with it!

In Case You Wonder

Just in Case You Ever Wonder

This new edition celebrates 25 years of this special book by Max Lucado with new illustrations using whimsical bears!  This book makes a wonderful gift for baby showers as well as any age child with the message of how loved they are!

More about Just in Case You Ever Wonder

God Made You book

God Made You

This is another one of the many Christian books for kids which focuses on the theme of how special each child is.  The bright illustrations and broad ethnicity used will capture children's hearts from all over the world!


This I Know

A fairly new title in the realm of Christian books for kids is This I Know: Seeing God in the World He Made by Clay Anderson.

This beautifully illustrated book takes the familiar song - "Jesus Loves Me," and connects things in God's world that show how much He loves us!

Gospel picture book

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross
By Carl Laferton / Good Book Company

The Garden, The Curtain & The Cross

This uniquely illustrated book begins in the story with the thread of the Gospel and weaves it through the curtain of the tabernacle to the cross connecting the Bible's full picture of God's saving grace! If you want to help your child understand the overall theme & story of God's Word, this will be an invaluable tool, and it's not just for kids!