Best Books for Kids - Reading & Beyond

The best books for kids are able to empower, inspire, bring healing and understanding to a child's life in ways other avenues may fall short. How many of us would say our lives have been shaped or influenced in some way by books?

best books for kids

Books can be used to shape several areas of a child's development including:  physical, intellectual, emotional, social and even spiritual.  Books influence; so where do we start?

We want to give you more than a list of books with an Amazon link; we want to help you make the most of your time reading with a child by equipping you with not only lists of books for each area, but also how to use each in a unique way to carry the moment beyond the read.

"When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of you."

-Meg Ryan's character in "You've Got Mail"

Reading with children has been one of my favorite lifetime activities. 

  • As a mom, I loved reading with my own four littles.  
  • As a school librarian and educator, I was thrilled to encourage young readers.  
  • As a bookstore owner, I was always excited to introduce a customer to a new book for kids!  
  • And now as a grandmother, my joy of reading with children continues!

Benefits of Reading Books for Kids

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The best books for kids are excellent tools to benefit a child's development in so many areas.  As amazing as technology is, it also seems to be stealing something from us.  Reading with kids is one of the most impactful activities we can invest in children whether they are our own, our students or our little friend.

Studies have shown that reading with children can enhance many areas of a child's life.

Time spent together reading

  • Shows love and creates shared experiences
  • Instills a love for reading
  • Builds & reinforces foundational reading skills
  • Increases vocabulary & listening skills
  • Encourages discovery and fun
  • Enhances learning
  • Spurs imagination
  • Inspires kids and builds confidence
  • Helps develop areas of speech & language
  • Can bring healing and comfort
  • Shape character and emotional behaviors
  • Model social behavior & emotions

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."   - Walt Disney

Reading with children is key to their development.  We want to point you to children books that go beyond the read to ways they are able to impact a child's life in specific areas of development including the ability to read.

Shaped by Books 

best kids books

Best Books for Kids' Physical Development

We may have never considered how many physical developmental abilities are built through reading books.  Reading to children at very early ages has been shown to directly impact brain development, speech and language abilities, and increased vision awareness.

Even the rhythm and rhyme of books, the repetitive phrases and sounds can increase a child's auditory awareness including that of phonemes, the building blocks of phonics.

Reading books for older children can reduce stress, enhance sleep, and even encourage physical activity through the example of the characters in a book.

Best Books for Kids' Intellectual Development

The benefits for intellectual development may seem obvious in that children who read more, learn more.  Books for kids also lay foundations for learning such as the ability to focus and pay attention, increased vocabulary, and proficiency in reading.

And let's not forget about imagination; books can take us anywhere!  Stories spark thoughts and creativity beyond a child's everyday life.  Anything is possible in a story! 

Best Books for Kids' Emotional Development

A story can allow a child to step into sensitive situations as someone else - a character in a book.  Children's books can model appropriate ways to handle and navigate intense emotions.

Bibliotherapy is used by many therapists using books to help clients walk through difficult emotions or stages of life. Books for kids can also be used to assist children of various ages in handling emotions or sensitive seasons in life.

Best Books for Kids' Social Development

An important aspect of social development is a child's own self image and how they see themselves interacting with the world around them.  Books for kids are capable of inspiring and encouraging a child to know himself as well as others.

Books for kids are powerful tools in character trait development.  Stories where the characters model such traits as honesty, responsibility, caring and citizenship impact a child's desire and ability to develop similar traits.

Best Books for Kids' Spiritual Development

Spiritual development deals with beyond what can be seen.  Helping children understand moral and ethical issues can be enhanced through stories.  

Christian children's books support what is taught in the Bible through emphasizing Christian values.

Bible stories and Bible verses for children lay important foundations to knowing God and HIs character.  They can give a child hope and direction beyond this life,

Please join us on a reading journey making the most of every book we read to and with children!  

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