A Christian Book for Kids -
Tale of Three Trees
Retold by Angela Elwell Hunt  Illustrated by Tim Jonke

This special Christian book for kids is based on the "Legend of Three Trees" whose origin and author are unknown.  It is one of our favorites for the Easter season as it ends with Christ's resurrection.

Use this Christian children's book to paint a beautiful picture of how God has a wonderful plan for our lives. It's ideal to use during the Easter season, but may be used really any time of the year. Don't think it is only for children either; it's message reaches out to all ages. This book brings encouragement and hope, and would even be a wonderful gift to a child, a graduate, or a special friend that needs a ray of hope.

It begins...

Once upon a mountaintop,

three little trees stood and dreamed of what they wanted

to become when they grew up.


Each little tree dreamed of what they would become when they grew up.  The first dreamed of being a treasure chest, the second dreamed of becoming a mighty sailing ship, and the third dreamed of staying on the mountaintop and pointing to God.

Years pass and three woodcutters climb the mountain.  All three trees remember their hopes and dreams.  All three trees are cut down and taken to various places.

The first tree was taken to a carpenter's shop, but was not made into a treasure chest.  Instead he was formed into a feeding trough for animals.

The second tree was taken to the shipyard, but not made into a huge ship. He was used to build a simple little fishing boat.

The third tree was so confused when she was cut into large beams and left in the lumberyard.  All she wanted to do was stay on the mountaintop and point to God.  What had happened?

Then each tree realizes the plan God has for them is so much more than their dreams could have ever been!

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What I Love About this Christian Book for Kids

  • Hope - It shows even when things don't go according to our dreams, hope itself can remain.  With the rate of suicide, this book plants the seed that there is more...nothing is hopeless in God's hands.
  • Age appropriateness - The story is short enough & understandable for young children, and the message has layers of depth for all ages from young to old.  Even adults and teens will be moved by this story!
  • It gives an overview of Jesus' life - birth, ministry, death & resurrection in a memorable way for kids to be introduced to the Gospel and God's love for us.
  • This Christian book for kids can introduce the Easter story, the Christmas story or the Gospel in a new way which will capture the listener's attention. 
  • And it leaves you with an overwhelming sense of God's promise of love that lasts way beyond the book!

Listen to the Read Aloud 

Christian book for kids - 
Beyond the Book

  • For language & cognitive development have readers think about and verbalize their own hopes and dreams.  Give them prompts such as "When I grow up, I hope to become...", "I dream about becoming...", "If I could be anything, I would wish to be..."
  • Feelings - Talk about the trees' hope and disappointment.  Let them tell you times they have been disappointed or discouraged. Teach them to think of three good things for each situation and encourage them to always look for the good in any situation, good or bad.  This helps them turn their discouragement into new hope.
  •  Sight Words - This Christian book for kids includes many familiar sight words and CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words offering great practice for young readers.
  • New vocabulary - One wonderful aspect of books is they use a lot of vocabulary that goes beyond what we use in daily conversation.  After the first reading, give kids a card with a word that may be new to them.  Talk about its meaning, sounds, etc.  Then have them look & listen for the word when you read it again.  Examples:  twinkling, treasure, precious, trickling, swoop, etc.
  • Small children can practice their counting "one, two, three" with the illustrations of the tree trees and woodcutters.
  • Story sequencing  is an important part of language arts.  Have kids either verbalize or write the events of the story in order.  This Christian book for kids makes it easy in that it already uses first, second and third vocabulary.
  • Memory work - See if they can name and list what the trees wanted to be, what happened to each, and finally what each tree actually became and how it was connected to Jesus' life.
  • Imagination - Go outside and look at trees. Take turns imagining what the tree could become - a Christmas tree, a home, a chair, a book!  Or look at trees and imagine what else they look like because of their shape, etc.
  • Plant a new tree!  Easter is usually close to Arbor day; plant a new tree, and let it become a growing reminder of how God's love changes everything! Talk about the many ways God created trees to help us and our earth.
  • Connect the reading of this Christian book for kids with the Bible using Jeremiah 29:11-12 - "For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for prosperity and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. 12 Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you."  
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