Best Kids Books (Age 5-12)

The best kids books connect with their readers.  Why choose just any book for your child?  Let us help you discover the best up & coming books along with the classics that have impacted lives and tested by time.

From picture books to novels for kids, discover how to go beyond the read to get the most out of each book.  

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Great Read-Alouds

No one ever really gets too old to hear a story or a book read aloud.  The best books for kids can provide an escape from reality or add meaning to life.  They can make us laugh and/or make us cry.  Books can tap into our emotions and become a shared experience through being read aloud.

Best Picture Books for Read-alouds

There are so many great picture books to read aloud to this age group.  Picture books are not only for little ones.  In fact, you may be surprised to find out there are many picture books whose message would be lost on younger children.

With their illustrations, picture books open a world of both fiction as well as non-fiction.  Here are just a few of the best kids books for now as we build this site:


The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstien has been a favorite of millions over the years.  Kids connect with the story of a tree that loved a little boy - throughout his whole life.  It's message is one of what true love looks like.

Diane Alber's I'm NOT Just a Scribble is a fairly new title sporting a big message of identity as well as the importance of forgiving others. 

The Last Stop on Market Street is one of my new favorites!  With its beautiful illustrations it traces the steps of a grandmother and her grandson as they take the Church out of the four walls.  This is a book that teaches gratitude for what we have and acceptance of those around us.

This wonderful book for kids, Eyes that Kiss in the Corners: is about a little Asian girl who finds her special uniqueness is also a trait of belonging she shares with family and her culture! A great book filled with beautiful descriptions & illustrations!


finding nonfiction books

Finding the best nonfiction books for kids begins with finding books on topics which individually interest them.  Let's face it, nonfiction books are designed to impart information; unless a child's interest is captured, their attention may not follow.

Best Kids Books for Beginning Readers

Picture Books

Dr. Seuss books are some of the best for beginning readers.  Several, including The Cat and the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, were designed specifically with a limited number of simple words to make up a fun and enjoyable tale children could read on their own.

Beginner Chapter Books

Books for Growing in Reading

By the time a child is moving through Kindergarten to Second grade, they are growing in reading by leaps and bounds.  Just like practice is important in sports, dance, music, etc., practice is important in reading.  The more a child reads, the better they will be at it.  

Moving through a progression from read alouds to reading together to reading on your own doesn't happen overnight and doesn't happen by chance.  It happens when a child is encouraged to read and reading is being modeled as a valued skill and gift.

Once your child has mastered beginner books, here are some of the best kids books to help them continue building on that foundation.

Clifford Books

Franklin the Turtle 

Henry and Mudge

Higher Level Dr Seuss Books

Junie B Jones Books

Magic Treehouse Series

Quality Reads for Master Readers


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