Press Here
by Herve' Tullet

It begins...


Press here and turn the page.

Great!  Now press the yellow dot again.

Perfect. Rub the dot on the left...gently.

Summary & Description

Press Here is an interactive book which comes with thicker than normal pages or as a board book perfect for toddlers!  My granddaughter is 18 months old and beginning to follow instructions; she loves this book!

It uses a series of dots colored yellow, red and blue.  The number of dots, their position and size change as each page directs the reader to tap, press, rub, shake and blow the dots. 

I think our favorite is when Press Here instructs us to clap and the dots become larger on the following page.  The more we clap or the louder we clap, the bigger they get!

This is more than sitting down to read a story; your child will become an interactive part of this read!

What I love about Press Here

  • Interactive - I love that Press Here brings an interactive aspect to reading.  Toddlers become involved with the book and a part of the "story"!  They learn to be more than a spectator.
  • Verbal praise - I also love the positive reinforcement and encouragement the narration gives such as "Well done!", "Fabulous!", "There you go!", etc.  Begin using these to praise your child and watch how quickly they will follow your example.  What a wonderful opportunity to teach the value of encouragement and praise!
  • Vibrant colors - The simple illustrations consist of bright yellow, blue & red dots of various size and number placed on either a white or black background.
  • Cause & Effect - This is such an important concept for children to learn.  Our words and actions cause an effect just like a story.  As a child follows the directions of the book, it causes the dots to change in some way.  Even toddlers will pick up on what seems to be a difficult concept.

Enhance Development 

  • Learn colors - Press Here focuses on the three primary colors of red, yellow & blue along with backgrounds of white and black.  
  •  Learn & follow directions.  This takes listening and attention; this book is a great way to encourage these skills!
  • Increase vocabulary - rub, shake, gently, fabulous, etc.  Take time to demonstrate or explain new words your child may not be familiar with yet.
  • Eye hand coordination is practiced as children point, rub gently, shake, etc.
  • Introduce new concepts such as left to right, more, up & down, hard & gentle, etc.  
  • Counting up to five through taps, claps & dots.
  • Sequencing is also included as the dots change places.  This will alert your child to begin noticing details and differences.

Just for Fun

Never underestimate the benefit of just having fun with your child reading a book like Press Here!  Reading and interacting together creates a shared experience which will bring connection as well as a sense of belonging.

The Message

You may think a book like Press Here doesn't really have a message, but I've learned there is always a message!

  • Kindness - Even young children can begin learning that our actions influence or effect others.  Whether we are kind or mean to a friend will effect how they feel. Our actions and words have power to encourage others or cause them to feel sad or angry.

Ephesians 4:32 reminds us that when we are kind and forgiving we are being like Jesus because He has been kind and forgiving to us.

"Be kind and tender to one another. Forgive one another, just as God forgave you because of what Christ has done."

  • For older children, Ellen Duthie has created a wonderful guideline of questions to use this simple book to teach philosophy and the paradox of fiction. 

Beyond the Read Activities

  • Art - Allow kids to enjoy making their own illustration for Press Here by arranging red, yellow & blue dots on a white sheet of paper.  Have them come up with a "cause" that made the arrangement of their dots.  
  • Hastings Museum offers a fun game activity along with thirteen pages of printable book activities for Press Here including a mini book to make, bookmarks, matching activities & more!