Books About Colors
Three of my favorites!

Books about colors not only help children identify the basic colors but also are a great way to teach color words!

Preschoolers are active and like little sponges soaking up information.  These are three of my favorite picture books focusing on colors because they are interactive and offer such fun too!

Press Here by Henre' Tullet

* Learning beginning basic colors - red, yellow, blue, black & white

Definitely the simplest illustrated of these books about colors, Press Here is perfect for toddlers on up.  It contains a series of pages with yellow, red and blue dots.  It's made out of a more durable paper and board book binding because it is a hands-on read!

From gently rubbing the dots, to shaking the book, to blowing on the dots, kids will not get tired of interacting with this little treasure over and over!

Each page has one to three lines of text with many basic sight words.  From toddlers following basic verbal commands to early readers learning beginning reading skills, this is one of the books about colors needed in every home library!

It begins...


Press here and turn the page.

Great! Now press the yellow dot again.

Perfect. Rub the dot on the left...


"Shaping skills" -

  • Eye hand coordination as children point, rub gently, shake...
  • Following instructions - clapping, blowing...
  • Basic sight words
  • New vocabulary such as gently, tilt, fabulous, etc.
  • Counting, sequencing, left to right...

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

* Learning how red, yellow & blue can be mixed to create orange, green & purple.

Mouse Paint is one of the books about colors which takes the basic primary colors a step further and demonstrates how the mixing of these create new colors!

It's a fun read and is available in regular binding as well as a small board book binding which is the perfect size for small hands.

For a "no mess" color mixing activity - use ziplock bags!  Place a small amount of basic colors such as yellow and red in the bag and seal it.  Talk about the two colors and then allow kids to mix the paints together!

"Shaping skills"

  • Sight words
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Identifying & mixing colors

Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes
Written by Eric Litwin Illustrated by James Dean

* Books about colors:  Learning colors & color words -white, red, blue, brown

Pete the Cat is a wonderful book character for preschoolers and beyond to get to know!  Pete has a wonderful attitude about life and doesn't let things get him down.

In this Pete the Cat story, Pete takes a walk in his brand new white shoes.  Along the way he steps in items of various colors.  Each time the author asks the question - "What color did it turn his shoes?"  The next page is completely that color with the color word written in large bold print.  

Again each color word is repeated as Pete continues...

Did Pete cry?

Goodness, no! 

He kept walking along and singing his song.

"I love my red shoes,

I love my red shoes,

I love my red shoes."

Even the text takes on the new color each time with the color word in thick bold lettering!

This is a wonderful book for kids learning color sight words! They are repeated over and over; let your child "read" them and learn to sing Pete's song.

"Shaping Skills"

  • Choosing emotions & attitude adjustments
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Color  & color word recognition

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